Carynn- Thats me! I’m an Okie to my core and so proud to live here. I graduated from OSU in 2004 (Go Pokes!) and have worked all over including places like a bakery, scrapbook store, higher education, daycare, and retirement center. I guess you could say I know a little bit about a whole lot. I am in love with Mexican food, scrapbooking, and my husband. I am drawn to glitter like a hooker to crack and would sell my soul for chocolate molten cake.

Husbando- Give this man a medal. We have been married almost five years and he still lets me make fun of his fluffy hair every morning. He lets me sing into my twig microphone any time Journey comes on the radio. He lets me wear tutus in public. He let me pick pink and zebra as our wedding colors. I think you get the point. We work in the same office so we are together ALL. THE. TIME. So far he seems to not want to get rid of me so I think we’ll make it. He keeps busy with all kinds of things but mostly Castleville and watching sports. He loves to work in our the garden, travel, and drink wine.

Agent K- That’s our boy! He is 12 and loves everything 12-year-olds love. Basketball, video games, losing his homework, eating everything in sight, not turning in his homework, watching movies, donating his homework to the poor, watching sports, using his homework as toilet paper, and fishing are just some of his favorites. He is adventurous and funny and never. stops. talking. Guess he gets that from me.

Lady H- She is our middle kiddo (9) but only 50 weeks older than her sister. She is the funniest one if I have to pick and its mostly because she is so unintentional about it. She has a love for stuffed animals, swimming, watching scary shows, eating tomatoes, and garage sale shopping with me. She has mad jokes and is currently trying to master card tricks.

Miss D- Our littlest one is super smart but just wants to dance and sing. Like every waking moment, in every car, store, school or space she can find. She loves bread above all other things in life but dolls, kitties, and foot massages are all close runners up. She has never met a stranger and loves to laugh her head off. She loves swimming, bouncing, and anything else that keeps her moving.

Madre- My mother. She is where I get all my crazy from. She is also where I get all the good stuff from too. She lives only 30 minutes away so we spend a lot of time together. She works too much and plays too little so I can’t wait for her to retire. Our best past-time is shopping but we can also put away some Mexican food with the best.  We are a lot alike except I hate gardening. And lima beans. *gag*

BFFF- BFFF lives in The Lou and knows every lyric to every song on Chrome 93.5. She makes the best mixed tapes of ya life and in her life story I probably show up in the chapters ‘Adventures in Trespassing’, ‘How Not To Cook- A Scalding Account’, and ‘WE GOT TATTOOS’. She, like myself, knows a little bit about a whole lot of things. Also, she is my token Catholic friend.

BFF- When I added it up last week, we have been friends TWENTY FIVE YEARS. Besides my brother, she has known me longer than anyone. She knows every embarrassing detail about my elementary, middle school and high school life. She sat next to me on my first date when we went to see Too Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar. I was there the first time she held a boy’s hand, we were Maid of Honor in each others wedding, I am an unofficial aunt to her son and she is to mine. We are sisters that were born to different parents.

Schnookie- He is my one and only sibling. My not-so-little brother is four years younger than me and about a foot taller. Somewhere in our youth or childhood (name that movie) we picked up on a weird sense of humor that I don’t think anyone else really gets. Well maybe someone else but not many. Our biggest accomplishment in life was inventing the Burp Game that involves two insulated water bottles, the ability to burp on command, childhood gullibility, and a very long car ride. He is daddy to Nephy-Niece and lives two hours away.

Nephy-Niece- No, he is not hermaphroditic, I just enjoy dressing my nephew up in bows, headbands, and tutus. I’ve been asked on a few occasions if he is my niece and I just say yes. He is a good sport about it now but we’ll see how much he likes it while he gets older. His favorite activities include taking selfies, playing pretend and playing anything with a ball.

Nannykins & Papakins- Madre’s parents and my best friends. Nanny taught me sewing, to talk without a filter, and how to use bacon grease in just about every recipe. Papa taught me that when men grow up and get a granddaughter, they act a fool with said granddaughter. Also, Charlie Brown will teach you everything you need to know and you should never be embarrassed to burst out in song.

Mother-In-Love and Father-In-Love- Husbando’s parentals. They live at a lake house in a land called Texas. They have three boys so M-I-L and I do all the girly things we can like shopping and lady lunches. F-I-L is still working but makes time for being quite the golfer and a very active social butterfly. Excellent role models in everything parenting.

Uncle Jeffy Bear- Husbando’s middle brother. Semi-health nut down to steamed chicken and Iron Man competitions.  Weaknesses include sopapillas and yoga pants. He works with numbers and figures and things that make my head hurt. He is married to Plano Girl and daddy to Plano Baby. They live in Texas near the In-Loves.

Plano Girl– Brother-In-Law’s wife. OU alumni with hobbies including mani/pedis, shopping and using Windex. She was actually at our wedding with her family and so we totally claim hooking them up. Its completely false but we claim it anyway. Very glad she came along to be Brother-In-Law’s ‘Gamechanger’.

Plano Baby- My first niece!! Too little to be that fun yet but we have been working on sign language and taking selfies. She have impeccable taste in clothing and if Carter’s ever starts a plus-size line, I want everything they have in a 3x.

Uncle Johnny Cash- Husbando’s youngest brother. Works hard and plays hard. Baby of the fam and fellow Cowboy. Still trying to get me to like Christian rap music. Works with lumber and screws and comes home smelling like recess every day. To date, I only know of once that he shot a nail through his fingers and it was for a good cause. He is a true Texan but living in Oklahoma and married to Edmond Girl.

Edmond Girl– She is a fellow Okie girl and a fellow Cowboy. She also balances the family male to female ratio for the first time since Husbando’s birth. Loves include carrot juice, running 5K’s for charity, the Chic-Fil-A cow, and messy buns. She is from a big family so she knows how to deal with the craziness at family functions.



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