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My Respite Care Birthday



Husbando and I have birthdays four days apart. We are both a Gemini (the twins) so we’re practically twins. Bam. See what I did there? Anyway, we decided to take off our birthday week because, duh. What is a better gift?! We originally chose the week as FMLA ‘bonding time’ but later decided that after almost a year, we may benefit even more from a week apart. The girlies went off to Nana’s, Agent K went to do good in Louisiana and we hit the open road to Branson. Yup, we decided on a geriatric slow-paced time away. We took in a few shows, had way too much to eat (more on that in a moment) and did whatever the heck we wanted. I mean seriously it was just what we needed. A few highlights (and lowlights) are below:


  • On my birthday we got to go to the Dixie Stampede. Have you been? You should go. Think redneck version of Medieval Times based around a rodeo. You eat a tiny rotisserie chicken with your hands while sitting around a horse arena watching all kinds of shenanigans. Where you sit dictates if you are the ‘North’ or the ‘South’. We were the North and we lost. Boo.
  • The Groupon we purchased for the Lodge of the Ozarks included a free breakfast buffet for each day and a free Golden Corral buffet and drink per day. That’s right, TWO buffets for free every day. That actually was a little much and the night of Dixie Stampede we ‘wasted’ the Golden Corral vouchers but found a nice older couple that used them for us. It was a great deal and really made the vacation possible for us so we could afford the other things we wanted to do.
  • It rained the entire time we were there.
  • We did get to go shopping, on two winery tours, to two more shows within walking distance of the lodge, had pedicures done, and watched a ton of adult HBO.
  • BOTH my tv husbands died off in ONE day. After my Game of Thrones husband got killed, the True Blood husband got shot! Then I switched to Entourage because no one dies in that show and I love the cursing.

IMG_2716When we returned, we had a night at the house alone before we picked up the girlies. We cleaned up, did laundry and prepared to be back in our normal routine. While playing one last night of video games we sat there talking about the guilt we were having that we had spent a week alone and didn’t necessarily feel bad. We joked that we hadn’t been fetal and crying that our kids weren’t with us and did that make us monsters. Then I woke up and remembered that less than a year ago we got to do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and that to miss that precious time with my husband wasn’t wrong. I would assume that everyone thinks back to a simpler time when they got to have 100% of their spouse’s attention and why wouldn’t I long for that back? It doesn’t make me less of a parent, it just means I have a time in my life that I miss. Our kids are a great blessing but the change has been long and hard. It is for sure worth it but I’m going to take any respite care I can get : )


Husbando Guest Blog- Part 3


I apologize about the delay in this blog.  Work happened then we were out of town this weekend then work happened again.  Excuses I know.  Anyways, on to WRAP.


Today, the letter of the day is R.

R is for Respite Care.  What is Respite Care?  Respite Care is short term or temporary care to provide relief from the daily challenges that come with caring for a child (or children). Basically… babysitting. Or even just coming over to help out. We’re not asking you to take our children for a week so Carynn and I can go on a cruise (wouldn’t that be nice), we are asking for you to offer a few hours so Carynn and I can run errands or go on a date.  If you’re brave, maybe you could have a slumber party! There will be times when I am out of town and Carynn could probably use some extra help. I may need some assistance if she needs a break. In our adoption class we were taught to Self-Care. One reason for that is to renew your relationship and take time just the two of us. Everyone needs a break now and then!


If you don’t feel respite care is right for you, that’s no problem. If you do, thank you so much!  We probably won’t need this right away but after a little while we could probably use help if you’re up for it.  Also, we won’t be offended if you don’t ask. If respite care isn’t your thing, you can help in many other ways. More on that in the future.