Weekends Rule


I really, really, REALLY love weekends. I could keep myself quite busy if I didn’t have a job. Some of my friends say they actually enjoy work. What? You would rather go to work than do something else? I don’t understand that logic at all. I work so they give me money, don’t you?

IMG_0618  IMG_0617

This weekend while our tiny spawns are out of town we are going to live it up! Tonight we are going to pick up Agent K’s 7th grade schedule (what?!) and then go to a fancy dinner at a little place I like to call Taco Bueno. Then we are going home to do laundry and prep our house for the arrival of the girl teenager tomorrow. I MISS HER ADORABLE FACE SO MUCH!! Sorry, I’m missing my teenagers. Anyway, after Husbando and I go to Wingapalooza (yes, its a real and very magical thing) tomorrow she will be moving in for a couple nights of fun! Pitch Perfect 2, pizza, YouTube videos, sleeping, and ice cream are all in the plans. Sunday is for being lazy and maybe some shopping or swimming.

See how busy I could stay? I’m not even getting into scrapbooking, cleaning out closets, helping kids with homework, crafting, home improvements, working in the yard, etc. I could be a Pinterest Professional if I didn’t have to make money! Y’all would get better Christmas gifts so it would be win-win if anyone wants to pitch in to let me have a weekend every day! Really, I’m just excited about this weekend after a hard week and I’m excited to see my teenager. I need to win the lottery :/


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