If you come over to my house, and I LOVE when people do, don’t look around, ok? Don’t examine my baseboards or dusty shelves because of two main reasons:

1.) It makes you rude so just go home.

2.) I can’t help it, blame the tiny child.

I’ve been trying for a year to keep up with the mess but it has been getting to me recently. This summer day camp is kicking my butt. Every day they have to wear something specific, I have to pack specific things in their bag, we have to pack a sack lunch, and then when we finally walk in the door at 6:00pm, they come home like a hot stormy mess tearing through our home like the Tasmanian Devil. I GIVE UP!


I decided tonight, after a two-hour-all-hands-on-deck cleaning session, that I’m giving in to the Duggar style of cleaning. In their family, each child gets a “jurisdiction”. The jurisdiction isn’t a specific task as much as it is an area of the house that needs to be cleaned and taken care of. My tiny child is now in charge of anything that is a wood surface like a shelf, coffee table, or the wall-to-wall wood floor. She will dust and sweep on a weekly basis to keep them looking nice. My middle kiddo is in charge of the bathrooms. She loves cleaning them (for now) so more power to her! The boy is in charge of the trash/recycle area and the video game room. He spends the most time in it, why not?

There is an obvious learning curve with this and even though they have been taught how to clean these areas more than once, there was still quite a bit of me going back and re-cleaning things myself. That should get less and less so that when I’m cleaning my own jurisdictions (kitchen, laundry area, etc), I’m not getting interrupted a million times about how to work the vacuum. I think this is going to work. It HAS to work. I have to get some relief ASAP.

At the very least, I’m going to thin out the amount of things in the house. With the kids leaving for the next two weeks, there is about to be a mega purge. Just Between Friends and Goodwill are about to prosper! Their closets will hopefully be empty shells of what they are now. I’m thinning the toys, the clothes, the books, everything! If it can’t be used up, it better get used all the dang time. That reminds me, I need to go set the DVR to record Hoarders so that I can be inspired…


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