Monthly Archives: May 2015

Introducing The “Plano Baby”




Ladies and gentlemen, I finally have a niece to play with! Plano Baby and I got to spend a few days together and mostly she lays on the floor but we did get to practice our selfie skills (seriously, she took like 4 of these all on her own). I got to watch her roll over from her tummy to her back once and either parenting has changed me or I’m losing my mind because I def got excited enough to clap. Anyway, we had a fun time together and I think we are going to be best friends!



My First Mother’s Day


IMG_1983My very first Mother’s Day! I mean, I’ve been celebrating every year of my life as the person drawing bad pictures and giving lame gifts but its finally my turn. I’ve mentioned previously that when I find a positive to adoption, I feel like I HAVE to share it. Well here is one, no lame cards or gifts that my husband has to pretend are from an infant. Hello! My kids are 8, 9, and almost 12 so I can read, distinguish and cherish all the gifts I get. In fact, I can hint at what I want and my kids can effectively get their daddy to buy it. I mean, in the slim chance he didn’t get the hint when I slid him a very specific note in church. He told me twice that he was worried about Mother’s Day being before Father’s Day and was worried he would screw it up. I can see where that would be worrisome because we want all our “first” to be perfect so the list was to ease his mind. The kids also made things at school for me so we’re covered.

The weather kept us from going out of town but we had a nice day just the five us us. Madre came over Saturday and babysat while Husbando and I went on the best date ever. We went to Red Robin and I had a BOMB lunch (hooray goat cheese grilled chicken sandwich) followed by a movie and a pedicure. Then we went home and grilled. The kids gave Madre their cards and she opened her photo and necklace we picked out for her. Sunday I woke up to a beautiful tablescape of Legos and ‘confetti’ that Agent K stayed up late making. I made everyone eggs and pancakes before we watched church on TV. The kids played games, I opened my cards and charm bracelet/charms and it was just a great time. We got cleaned up and went to a dollar movie because ours is closing and we wanted one last hoorah before it is no more. The kids really went above and beyond to wait on me and even though it took twice as long to get everything done, their effort was adorable.

Also, dearest three followers, I’m sorry for getting behind. I’ll work on it.