Diaries of a Planner


fullI believe I’ve mentioned previously that I am a ‘planner’. Not just like a whats-for-dinner kind of planner but like a outfits-for-a-week, I-need-a-months-warning for everything, and the calendar-is-filled-out-a-year-ahead type of planner. Everyone in my life tells me that the planning is a positive and that it keeps our family going but at what expense? If I plan something and then it doesn’t go as planned its frustrating. If I plan something and somebody doesn’t like the plan, thats frustrating too. If you ask someone to plan something without you and they are physiologically unable to make a plan to save their life, you’ll want to stab your own eye out. Its a fundamental difference in people and no matter how many times I am told ‘just do your own thing and don’t worry about it’, I WILL CONTINUE TO WORRY ABOUT IT.

One of the most embarrassing and infuriating parts to this is that people will say to me ‘we should get together’ or ‘we should do this again’ and I immediately pull out my calendar to look at available times. Then, they look at me puzzled and say they’ll call or text me. As if I’m a desperate freak for wanting to make sure they get time in my life. Listen, I’m trying to stay connected, make the same effort! I get that things can come up but at least make the plan and then cancel if need be.

What is the point of this story? There isn’t one. I’m just venting on the fact that I am increasingly considering going to live on a commune somewhere except all I can do is make a mental packing list of what I would need to pack to be successful at a commune. Will I want to bring more sundresses or hemp sandals? Should I pack the kids a towel? Do you see my struggle?! It is constant.

So in the future, when dealing with me, please know that I already know this about myself and am aware that I am doing it. Further, please be aware of yourself and know that your actions (or inactions) will lead to very predictable outcomes that are not fun for either of us. Just because you can live without knowing what you’re doing this weekend doesn’t mean you should. Go ahead, try it out. See how it feels to have everything organized and be prepared. No last-minute scramble. No oh-I-forgot-blah-blah-blah. No added stress on your friends/family members.

For the love of Pete, lets have a planning revolution where its cool to be responsible!



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