Whats In A (Middle) Name


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I’ve said before that when adoption has a positive, I cling to it like a fat kid to a cupcake. Okay, I haven’t said it quite like that before but I could really use a cupcake this morning. Anyway, I found another positive to the adoption process… name changing for the win! The day of the adoption finalization the kids get to change their names. Not only do they get to change their last name to match ours but they also get to change/switch/delete/add any other names at the same time. This really made the kids excited and boy did their creative juices start flowing.

Miss D tried on Ashley, Sarah, Abi, and several other popular names because she was ‘tired of hearing her names in church’. Ultimately she decided to keep them but add a middle name. This is where the fun starts… Lady H was insistent that Diamond would be her new first name. Once vetoed due to its stripper-like nature, she decided it would be her middle name. When Husbando vetoed that, she just couldn’t decide what to do so she asked me what my middle name is. I asked her if she wanted it and she said she wanted to use Sparkle instead. Fast forward a few days when we are talking about names again. The girls have now both decided to keep their first and middle names but add another middle name. Miss D asks me if she can use my middle name with her middle name and I said sure. Fast forward a few more days and Lady H comes back and says she wants to take me up on the offer to use mine. I explain that she can but her younger sister already decided to use it and that would mean they would both have it as their second middle name. This didn’t seem to bother them a bit but it definitely struck me as odd. I mean, I want them both to have a piece of my name but I also think its weird to name your kid like George Foreman. I let them sit on it and I have too but they haven’t wavered from that decision for a second. Even the day we had to email the attorney our final draft I pushed it an they didn’t budge. So we have two girls with two middle names that both happen to be my middle name. I’m still marinading that.

Agent K was a whole different story. We went round and round with him wanting to change his first name. The way he was talking about the name stuff had me concerned so one night I asked him why it was so important for him to lose his first name. He previously made comments about hating his name because no one pronounces it correctly and that it would be fine if he was Hawaiian but he is not Hawaiian. I asked if that was true or really he wanted a fresh start because his birthmother gave it to him. He didn’t answer my question but promised to think it over. After about a week he started up again. He kept pushing for Kevin (for Kevin Durant) and Michael (for Michael Jordan). I explained to him that those names were fine but naming yourself after an athlete was ridiculous. Further, Kevin Durant isn’t a legend and (hopefully) we can all forget about him in a few years. Michael holds several bad memories/feelings for me so it was out too. After I crushed that dream he decided on a middle name that happens to be the name of both a Ninja Turtle, and Agent K’s favorite artist. He said he is going to try to get everyone to call him this if we ever move so we agreed as long as he kept (and let us use) his first name. 

It kind of sounds like we didn’t give them much of an option at all but I assure you all reasonable request were evaluated. Problem is, with our crazy kids, nothing is ever reasonable. No Sparkles or nasty ex-boyfriends allowed apparently! But with all this decided we are ready to roll and that is the best part. I remember how excited I was to take on my  husband’s last name so that we felt like family and now I am excited for our kids to get to do the same.


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