Finalization Finally


… a day which will go down in infamy. We finally got our finalization date so with our ridiculous visit last night and our fighting with them about Miss D’s ear tube surgery, I am SO ready to be done with these DHS people! I am ready to stop living under their schedule, their rules, and their absolutely ridiculous timeline. No, you cannot require me to take off any more work. No, you cannot pull my driving records for a sixth time, wasting my own tax money. Lastly, no, you cannot treat me like a common criminal instead of the loving potential parent I’m trying to be. I’m SO done with you suckers! You know, until its time to do this all over again…

But seriously, we did get our court date and are sitting on go. Even the kids are tired of talking about it and are ready to DO this. We’ve had this mystery countdown going long enough and its time to legally be the family we know we are. We’ve invited everyone and their dog to the courthouse and lunch and we are excited so many people want to come to participate in this. I hear its a lot of waiting then a fifteen minute court proceeding followed by five minutes of pictures. You better believe I’m prepping our support staff with a photography lesson because for once, I won’t be the one behind the camera. In fact, we are having our first official family photos made in the next couple weeks to celebrate the occasion. A friend from high school is going to take the pics and I can’t wait!  I don’t remember ever having family photos made (not sure one of the four of us even exists) so this is super special to me.

We are so blessed to have gotten the three best kids in the world and in the best way possible. We know this process taught us a lot and continues to every day. Plus, I didn’t get any stretch marks (at least not from pregnancy) and there were no hospital bills! Really, its just such a blessing that I was able to fulfill my life’s destiny that God put in my heart so many years ago. Throughout my entire life I have often thought to myself ‘are You sure about this, God’, but I was persistent and so was His favor so I really feel like I’ve done something I was born to do. I feel that in my bones and that contentment is like nothing of this world. I hope you get to feel that one day.

I have a banquet room to reserve ; )




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