Rantings of a Working, Stay-At-Home Mother


The longer I am a working mother, the harder I feel it in my guts that I want to be a stay-at-home mother. I know with our life and circumstances that I will most likely continue to be a working mother but it doesn’t make me want it any less. I know my stay-at-home friends may think I’m nuts because we all want what we don’t have but I swear I would trade my work wardrobe for the option of wearing jeans on a Tuesday, even if I got kid snot on them. I would trade the adult interactions for listening to SpongeBob while I sort laundry. I would even switch my sub sandwich for Vienna sausages and Gogurt if I absolutely had to.

I look at my house and wonder how there is constantly so much to do. I have at least six projects I want to work on but every evening after baths, laundry, kitchen cleanup and general chores, I’m just not in the mood. Welcome to parenthood, I know, but it doesn’t make me want that time any less. I haven’t scrapbooked in almost 7 months except last Saturday when I had the pleasure of teaching Lady H to use her scrapbook kit several months after she received it as a gift. If you know me at all, you know those comments are seriously disturbing. I need to be creative. I need to have time to create things with my hands. I was bummed last month when I, oh I mean the kids, didn’t get to decorate boxes for their Valentines parties. I NEED TO GLUE SOMETHING GLITTERY TO SOMETHING PINK RIGHT NOW OR I WILL DIE!!

I also want to do things like re-organize all the closets and go to the magical land of IKEA for ideas on how to store our belongings cuter/better. I would love to be able to actually sort the laundry into different piles before shoving the barrel full. This shirt was always blue-ish, right? Man, that sounds so nice but I feel like such a loser saying it. I’m 32 years old and all I want to do is laundry on a Monday morning, not an Excel spreadsheet. *Sigh* I guess I’m just venting and hoping if there are any rich people out there that want to make this happen, they will find it in their heart to pay me to tutor my own kid with her times tables or to clean out the condiment shelf in my refrigerator. Please leave your name and bank routing number in the comments because I will DEF be in touch ; )


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