No More Besties For The Resties


IMG_8472This morning I stare over at the desk next to mine with a lump in my throat. As lame as that sounds, I cried myself all the way home yesterday because my Work Bestie quit. For the third time in my six years here I’ve been left behind by someone who I shared more time with than my own family. She is on to bigger and better after her short year here and I understand she is doing what she needs to do.

The reasons I’m sad are totally selfish. I mean, I’ll miss her like crazy but besides that, its totally inconvenient to be the one abandoned. I don’t want to train someone new in either work skills or co-worker skills. I don’t want to have to let them into my life story-by-story for several months and I don’t want to have to tell them to leave me alone until at least 9:30 each morning because I’m not a ‘people person’ before then. I don’t want to worry about what may offend them or if they like mom jokes. I don’t want their advice on things and I don’t want asked for a lot of advice (see also: Reasons I Was a Bad Instructor and Why Constructive Criticism Sucks).

I can gladly say that all three of those abandoning co-workers have kept in touch and even attended my adoption shower but its not the same as seeing them every day. Once you leave, you can do lunch or playdates but its usually spent trying to answer the questions about So-And-So still doing such-and-such and then you asking questions about the last things you talked about before they left. It’s awkward because you’re no longer in sync. Its not an overnight thing, it could be weeks or months and its old news.

There really isn’t a point to this post, just that I’m really disappointed to have lost my friend. I haven’t enjoyed my job this much since the first year I was here. I know she didn’t die or anything but friends (and co-workers) I like as much as I like her don’t come around that often. I wish her the best I guess, but if she somehow got fired and had to come crawling back, I wouldn’t be upset.

*dials anonymous tip line at her new company*


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