Starting to Settle Down- Month 3


The kids are finally starting to settle into their extended family and I am very grateful. We were a tiny little 5-person unit for a while but now the munchkins are excited for the upcoming breaks to see the rest of the family they have gotten to know. As we continue to spend a lot of time with our family during the holidays (not just constantly meeting new people everywhere we go), I think their sense of this being “their” family will grow.

They haven’t met everyone yet (Husbando has 1,556 second cousins) but they are definitely getting to the point where they are calling people Aunt and Uncle and are remembering things about them. They are seeing things that remind them of family members and are asking us to send pics to them. They want to call and FaceTime people that they miss and they are really retaining memories of time spent together.

They feel comfy being left with family or babysitters and I assume that has to do with how awesome the family and babysitters (Hi Morgan!) are. Based on the fact that their comfort includes fighting with their siblings and sometimes even us, I’d say we’re getting a lot closer to the Normal Family Stage. Note to self, three months in and we’re normal.

Last month was the Testing The Limits Stage and I’m reeeeeaaaallll glad we’ve moved out of that one. We had some problems at school (which we may or may not keep having) but they have settled down quite a bit. The Honeymoon Stage couldn’t last forever, could it? We knew that going in and to honest, this Normal Family Stage is better anyway. I don’t want fake and I don’t want them trying to impress us in hopes of us letting them stay. I want day to day normal no matter how non-normal we really are ; )



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