Go Ahead And Plant Your Roots Here Little Ones


One of my favorite scenes in The Blind Side is when the baby pics of all the graduates are being flashed on the screen as the students receive their diplomas. The dad leans over to the mom asking where she came up with the baby pic of Michael and she says something like “thats not him, I stole that out of a picture frame”. The dad just rolls his eyes and chuckles. Why did she do that? Because it was important for Michael to be the same as everyone else.

The kids are eventually going to have a project that includes the need of a baby pic. Or ancestry information. Or even just questions about their childhood. As adoptive parents, we aren’t going to know those answers or have those photos.* Everyone does a family tree at some point in school and Husbando has been working in genealogy for the past few years to make a pretty great ancestry chart of our families. Our options are to use his or to leave things blank. Obviously we will leave it to the kids and be the super sweet and supportive parents that all the books and blogs tell us to be but with their birthparents living so close to us, I don’t exactly want them Googling them. It took me about 5 seconds to find them, their contact info, pics and their social media stuff. I don’t need Agent K pulling them up on Facebook and starting a convo.

Their parental rights were severed very early on and quickly because the state decided that was best. I’m thrilled they did because I want nothing to do with them and I want my kids to be older before they decide if they feel the same way. I’ve told you in the past that the foster parents seemed to have a chip on their shoulder too so I kinda liked the clean break from them too. Were working on building our family and I hope that we have a while before we have to cross that family tree bridge.

family tree (2)

*Or are we? I have become a VERY good internet investigator and now possess several low-quality pictures of my peanuts when they were with their biological parents. I treasure them like gold and I hope they will too when they get older.



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