I Didn’t Die


I didn’t die. I know you may have thought I did but I’m going to be honest.

I didn’t have anything worth talking about.

Our kids moved in, they adjusted super fast, we’re all going along fine and it was turning into a pretty boring blog. I realized it was just like a diary, not like a blog for anything. Telling you about picture day and our weekend is just not helping anyone. So I took a break until I had some new material. What is that material, you ask? Well it covers some things like an Adoption Shower pro/con, birthmother stuff, and finally what the heck we’re going to do without baby photos. I have a few other boring posts up my sleeve about family vacations and such but I’m really going to try to keep posting in a way that isn’t just what I did last night.

Sorry dear two followers, I’ll try to get better!

Until I write up those magical posts, here is a pic I love. We were driving around one day and all decided what birthday cakes we want this year. As you can see, we like our Blizzards : )



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