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Am I In Charge Or Not?



I wish DHS would make up their mind if I am in charge of my own kids or not. One day I call a former doctor for some of their medical records to be sent to a new doctor and they say I can’t have them because DHS has to request them. The next day I call DHS and they say they won’t call because we should be doing that.

The next week I call the kids’ old school and request a very important document that their new school is waiting on. The school says we’re not a legal parent and that DHS will have to request/find it. I then call DHS and am told to ‘act like you are already in charge and hunt the things down just like you are their parent’. I’m sorry, are you under the impression I’m pretending to be their parent?

The following day I am forced to schedule an appointment with my caseworker so she can stop by. Her available day happens to be the day the girls are starting Taekwondo and her only meeting time options were dinner time or 4pm when I am at work. SO convenient. If I’m supposed to act like their parent, I’m going to half-ignore you and feed them because you’re invading OUR time now. Don’t keep me from helping them get ready, putting food in their bellies, or working on a new routine.

My irritation/complaint/problem is really that there should be a more consistent way to let me act like their parent. You let me fix their boo-boos and tuck them in at night so make sure I am also able to look out for their larger needs like education and eyesight. I refuse to believe it isn’t in everyone’s best interest for that to be the case. Its called trial adoption for a reason. We’re trying to really give this a shot. We OBVIOUSLY aren’t going to fail and we OBVIOUSLY have kept them alive for 10 solid weeks so can we all just pretend that if I ask for something I really need it? Or that if I request a document, its for their best interest? I am very happy and grateful for these new things I need to worry about and work on. But please let me actually do it DHS.


I Didn’t Die


I didn’t die. I know you may have thought I did but I’m going to be honest.

I didn’t have anything worth talking about.

Our kids moved in, they adjusted super fast, we’re all going along fine and it was turning into a pretty boring blog. I realized it was just like a diary, not like a blog for anything. Telling you about picture day and our weekend is just not helping anyone. So I took a break until I had some new material. What is that material, you ask? Well it covers some things like an Adoption Shower pro/con, birthmother stuff, and finally what the heck we’re going to do without baby photos. I have a few other boring posts up my sleeve about family vacations and such but I’m really going to try to keep posting in a way that isn’t just what I did last night.

Sorry dear two followers, I’ll try to get better!

Until I write up those magical posts, here is a pic I love. We were driving around one day and all decided what birthday cakes we want this year. As you can see, we like our Blizzards : )