What Not To Say- Part 2


Here is another installment of Adoption Sensitivity Training for you guys ; )


Birthmoms/First Moms/Whatever You Wanna Call Them are on my mind a lot lately. I follow a blog written by one particularly articulate woman who is gut-wrenchingly honest about her struggle with her decision. Her anger and pain are not enjoyable to me (and I struggle with if I should I ‘like’ her posts or not) but her perspective is fascinating. I will never know what it is like to feel what she feels but I think its important that I absorb all the viewpoints I can. I want to be informed and sensitive just like I want that from others.

As these women in the video show, it is all a matter of bridling your tongue. They don’t want to hear insensitive and uncomfortable things just like our family doesn’t want to either.


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