One Big Weekend


IMG_6945 10.58.11 AM

This last weekend was a doozy! Friday night Husbando’s parents came to visit and took the kids to dinner, shopping, and swimming. The next morning we all went to the OU tailgate and at the game Agent K got to have his picture taken with a player. That evening the kids got to hang out with family, including their great-grandmother for the first time, while Husbando’s parents took us to dinner. That night three of our teenagers came to spend the night so it was one big slumber party!

The next morning was church so we took up a whole row and afterwards went to Cracker Barrel. Smith, party of ten! After we were all frilled up on carbs, it was time to head home for The Party. Our friends offered to throw us an adoption party at our house so that we could get things for the kids and so people could stock our toilet paper/paper towel supply. We helped with last minute prep, got changed into our party clothes and then people started arriving. Then they kept arriving until our house was FULL! We are so very lucky that we have friends and family that were so very generous to  us and our new family members. I mean look at this pile of gifts!

232323232-fp93232-ydnjthgqubwsnrcgu444;-nu=3239-786---4-WSNRCG=39-;-49995326nu0mrjDuring the party we played a game to get to know the kids better (favorite ice cream, what they like to do in their free time) and mingled. The kids snacked on the Sweet N Salty Bar and hopped around with their new friends. Everyone had a good time and I’m still cleaning up the aftermath of the present apocalypse that happened in our family room.

After everyone went home and we got (mostly) everything cleaned up we went out side and tried out some of the new outdoor toys. They pogo-sticked, scootered, and raced all up and down our drive-way for an hour before it was time to finish off the snack food for dinner and hop into bed. They were ready to sleep that night and so was I!



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