Our First Haircuts


DSCN0798 DSCN0814 DSCN0781

Continuing with the ‘firsts’, we have now had our first haircuts! We spent no less than two hours at Top*Cut the other night because they only had one person working. We kept her nice and busy until closing and she did a great job. She was very patient and really helped me get the right cut for all of them. Getting to pick out their own I think was the best part because they felt like they had a choice in the matter, something I don’t think was awarded to them before. Miss D thinks she looks like Katy Perry. I don’t see it but ok, we’ll go with that.

According to the kids, they have never had a professional cut and they couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t just do it. Why?! Because thats how you got bangs for days and an uneven back to begin with! Its going to take us years to grow this stuff out and while I’m grateful to the foster parents for many things, their haircuts are not one. So we’re working on the bangs and clipping them to the side for now. They’ll thank me later for getting this over now and not in middle school. Add this to the things I’m glad to provide for them and it makes me happy that they enjoyed it.


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