Our First Road Trip

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Sometimes you just have to blur your kids out…

Yup, we’re still on ‘firsts’ for a while and this one happens to be our first road trip to Texas. Four hours in the car was not going to be easy with these three but we made it work. They all packed a bag of goodies to play with and with the promise of a Blizzard toward the end of our trek, they made it. While in the magic land of Texas the kiddos had totally different experiences.

  • Agent K learned to ski, became a tubing daredevil, made a friend to play Minecraft with and had some serious male bonding time with all the guys that were around. I think wake-boarding is on his list for next year.
  • Lady H was timid on the water at first but eventually convinced us she was having fun, even though from her face in all the pics she looks miserable. She helped in the kitchen some but mostly loved the swimming and running up/down the stairs.
  • Miss D found herself a boyfriend in Agent K’s friend, wrote him a love letter, and hasn’t stopped talking about him since. She also became a tubing master and decided that golf really was pretty fun.

All three had a great time at a surprise birthday party we threw for their ‘Papa Slick’ but really enjoyed having a playroom to retreat to when all the adults started pinching their cheeks. We love that they got to spend some good time at the lake at least once this year but it will be the only time. Luckily we made enough memories to last us until at least March when I’m sure they’ll start asking when we can go back : )



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