Our First Football Game





I am behind, I know. I had all these written then forgot to go back and add the pics. Forgive me, please : )232323232-fp93232-ydnjthgqubwsnrcgu;58--nu=3239-786---4-WSNRCG=39-795-47-326nu0mrj

Last Thursday we went to our first college football game, TU vs. Tulane. At the tailgate the kids played on inflatables, ate corn-dogs, Dip-n-Dots, and kettle corn, cheered for the team and really did great for it being their first time. We sit in the second row so they have a good view and the crunching of helmets seemed to keep their attention. The girls and I left at halftime so they could go home and go to bed but Agent K and Husbando stayed for the double overtime and didn’t get into bed until after 11pm!

I wonder what kinds of things they have missed out on with their past. Did they ever get to sit in the cool October air and watch football? Did they ever go to the pumpkin patch or to look at Christmas lights? I am so excited for the next few months because they are our favorite time of  year and we can’t wait to share them with the kids.

We are very glad to start adding them to the activities we already do so they really get what our daily life is about. I’ve gone off early days and in a few weeks Husbando and I will both be working 8-5 again. Our evenings will be much shorter and life will become a blur of homework and baths, I’m sure.




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