Meet The Teachers


At Agent K’s school they have a night the first full week of class that all parents can come meet the teachers. In our school district 6th & 7th grades are in one school and within their grade they are divided into ‘teams’. Agent K is on the Columbia Team and when I walked into his homeroom with all the other parents I found a seat and immediately started to observe. Below are my mental notes:

  • Holy cow, this place looks just like when I was in school only when did the white boards go grey? Thats odd. And when did these teachers get so young?
  • By ten years I’m the youngest parent in this room. Oh wait, no… over there… the one with the fussing infant. She has got to be 5 years younger than me. Geeze, you have a 6th grader AND an infant?! Thats rough.
  • Why are all these teachers so pretty? How is Agent K going to pay attention? Where are the dude teachers?!
  • Why are all these moms so… very… blonde? Everyone has highlights, Michael Kors bags and gladiator sandals. I’m sitting here in a Mavs t-shirt and Chucks wondering if I will ever get into a mommy club.
  • No backpacks allowed in class? What would I do with a tampon? No cell phones either? Guess that gets me out of having to get him one. No coats?! You guys are going overboard! Read at home for 30 minutes a day? I don’t even do that!

Needless to say, it wasn’t the best night of my life. Going back to school gives me  hives. Dang it, I should have gotten a Xanie from one of those twerps to use at Back to School Night at the elementary school next month! Oh well, I’ll just have to search my closet for those big girl panties. They have to be in there somewhere…


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