One Week Check-In



We made it our first week! It feels like several months but I checked the calendar and sure enough, just 7 days. So what have we done this week? We got enrolled in school, had our first day of school, had our first TGIF, went to a baby shower, met new friends, went on two mommy/daughter dates, tried several new meals, went to our first family dinner at El Chico, went to church twice, realized our house is too small and realized they don’t possess indoor voices. Man, list it out and we accomplished a lot!

Everyone seems to go though moments of missing their foster parents and being upset Husbando is leaving for work. You know, because its more fun when he is there since I’m the mean one that makes them bathe, eat vegetables, and do their homework. Speaking of, I’ve had more homework this last week than I think I had my whole senior year. Its ridiculous! I don’t mind being read to, that part is easy but filling out forms, initialing a million times, checking work… it’s worse than closing on our house!

IMG_6840We went to a baby shower and met Baby Ruby. The kids all got to hold her and even though Miss D kept saying ‘I CAN’T WAIT TO TOUCH HER’ in a slightly creepy way all week, she really did do great. They were polite and quiet at their house and same goes with church even though I was bored myself. They clapped, stood, closed their eyes all at the right time. So proud!

Miss D and I got our nails done and shopped around Wal*Mart for Christmas gift (thanks Mr. Walton for $1 clearance!) and Lady H and I went grocery shopping and (apparently to her) marking the things off the list is quite fun. We had fun just the two of us each time and Agent K even seemed jealous enough that he asked when his date was. I’m soaking that up like a sponge because I figure I’m on borrowed time with him and any minute we’ll be in full teenage-mode and he will hate my guts. No idea what we’ll do because I don’t know that grocery shopping will work on him ; )

So the week passed and we had no total meltdowns. We learned a lot about them and we hope they’re learning what life will be like with us. This week brings their first college football game and their first road trip. Should be fun and exhausting both!



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