Back To School


DSC_0209 - Version 2


Wednesday was back to school for these kiddos. To be honest, Lady H and Miss D had already gone two weeks somewhere else but were a good sport about wearing nice outfits and starting fresh for my sake. Were they not the cutest kids of your life? I’m biased, I know but seriously it was adorable. We did the whole hold-the-sign thing but I realized I put their names on them so can’t show you. Fail.

Lady H doesn’t seem to like school very much and I totally relate to that. I used it as a social outing and not so much for learning. Her favorite parts are recess and lunch. The other two LOVE school because they’re super good at it. Agent K picked all smartypants classes (AP to those in the know) and Miss D is a VERY good reader/speller. Lady H told me her favorite parts are lunch and recess and again, I can totally relate!

The girls go to before-care and we have been picking up all three after school. In October they will all be starting after-care at their schools and while I wish I could stay home and pick them up every day, I really can’t. Maybe at Husbando’s next promotion.

Agent K enrolled in percussion band class and we are now the proud owners of a  snare drum. I don’t quite know what the girls will be in, we’re kinda settling in to our life together before we sign ourselves up for more extracurricular activities.

I know it will take a bit to start making friends and getting birthday party invites but oh my gosh do I long for them to have friends and sleepovers. I just want them to feel like we are a ‘normal’ family since they haven’t had that yet. I’m also hopeful for the day when they can change their names and its not so confusing. Six months…



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