This Is It



This is really it. I’m giving paper birth in our paper pregnancy I suppose. The kiddos are coming Sunday and hopefully never leaving. Never. Mr. Worker has made arrangements to meet me on Sunday to do our typical kid swap only this time THEY DON’T GO BACK. I really don’t even know when it will hit but I can feel the emotions building. Maybe a happy tear-filled drive home, maybe after a week, maybe at court when they change their names. I don’t know but its gonna happen y’all. This has been a long, difficult, not-so-patient-filled journey and I’m so glad to have them finally in their beds as members of the family, not guests!

We know there is lots to do in order for them to start school Wednesday and I’m pestering my worker to death focusing on that. Once I drop them off for that first day, I think maybe then I can calm down. Basically everything we can do is in order. I’ve bought what I need to buy, I’ve done what I need to do, I just need everyone else to do their part and this can be a really good transition.

If anyone is looking for a small way to be part of this, I came up with something that I think could make the kids feel more at home. I’m asking that people randomly mail the kids letters or cards to their new home because who doesn’t enjoy mail? They can be spaced out or all on the same day and it doesn’t have to be tomorrow, you can wait a bit. I just think if they get something with their name on it at their new house that maybe it will feel like their house too. If you don’t have my address, just contact me and I’ll get it to you.

Thank you to all the people who have been praying and helping through this journey. We know this won’t be easy so please continue your prayers and help. These kids have had so many transitions in life and we really, really hope this one goes as well as it can. We are so blessed and we know it was a group effort to make this come to be.



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