Week Visit- Part 2



Fast forward to Sunday morning. We got up, had Pop-Tarts and grapes for breakfast, dressed in adorable clothes, took a few family pics and headed to church. The kids were excited to go and that is making us feel awesome. We haven’t thrown one thing at them yet that has upset them. Its amazing. So church went great, we rode the free carousel before we left and everyone was happy. When we got home, I started lunch and then Mimi and Papa Slick (Husbando’s parents) arrived. There was some traffic and I think Mimi was about to get out and run to get here. The kids were very excited to meet them and to celebrate Mimi’s birthday that afternoon.


After some Wii games, chatting and playing, it was time to head to the bowling alley for the party! Bonus, IT WAS FREE GLO BOWLING UPGRADE! As Husbando and Mimi helped the kids pick out balls, I threw up some decorations, put out some snacks and made it look like a real party. The kids had all picked out gifts at the Dollar Tree and even wrapped them. After our first game we paused for cupcakes and gifts then bowled another 1/2 game before we had to get going before Husbando had to go to work. While he was gone we went out to dinner to Cheddars and when we got back, we had some serious outdoor fun.

One of these things is not like the others...

One of these things is not like the others…

Agent K desperately wanted to play basketball with the kids I told him live across the street but we hadn’t seen them once since the kids started visiting. As we pulled in after dinner there were four (double the usual) boys out there playing. As we hopped out of the car, I told him it was just fine with me if he wanted to stay out there and play while we entertained the girls. He lingered a bit at the back of the car then by the time we got inside they had asked him to play. SUCCESS!! It is very important for me that he feels part of our neighborhood and starts to make friends that live close enough to spend time with. My favorite memories from his age are of playing outside at night with all my friends. I want him to have that and I’m so glad its this soon. Mimi, Papa Slick, the girls and I actually ended up outside ourselves because Mimi brought sidewalk chalk! When it got dusk, it was time to go inside for baths.

The grandparents left to go to their hotel and we started our evening routine. They all have it down pretty good already! I knew we were going to sleep later than we had previously Monday so I let Agent K stay up with me and watch a movie. It was the cutest thing because you could tell he wanted to sit right by me on the couch but his ‘big boy’ brain told him maybe he was too cool for that. Plus, I have to remember that he has been mom-less for quite a while now and since his foster home is a single grandpa situation, he is trying to figure out the dynamic we will have. After about 5 squirms and 3 pillow adjustments he ended up right next to me and we stayed up late eating peanuts and watching one of the worst movies ever. P.S. The Rock should really stick with wrestling. The movie ended about 8 minutes before Husbando was coming home so I scurried him  off to bed under the impression that we didn’t want dad to find us up so late. He seemed to think that was pretty awesome and I think I scored a few points for that evening.

Monday Mimi and Papa Slick came back and we all had breakfast together. After breakfast we did an art project Mimi brought, played outside again and then took them to the surprise lunch above all others… Golden Corral. I’ve heard about it about a half million times so I knew they would be stoked. Agent K is obsessed with the Bourbon Street Chicken, Miss D ate two plates of brussel sprouts and cucumbers, Lady H downed two bowls of chicken noodle soup and two plates of broccoli then we all headed for the triple chocolate fountain. It was like they were in heaven.

We went home, played puzzles & Hot Wheels for a while then it was time for the grandparents to go home. We started a countdown until we would all be together again and then they left. We got to play just a little while more before Nana arrived to ride with me while I drove them to meet their DHS worker. They packed their bags and cleaned their rooms and we headed out. This transition was MUCH better than last time though. They were all singing and laughing in the car most of the way instead of the quiet I got last time. We had cheeseburgers while we waited on Mr. Worker and then we hugged and kissed and said we would see them in about six days.

SIX DAYS?! I can’t believe they are planning to move in to our house in a week! I feel so anxious for it finally to happen and also like O..M..G… I have so much left to do! I’ve decided to not kill myself this week so that I won’t be worn out on the Gotcha Day. I’ll work after they are here and will enjoy this last week before we start planning our ‘maternity leave’.


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  1. Words cannot describe the warmth and excitement I have in my heart for this. I cannot wait to meet them and you and Jer will be amazing parents. Love you sister wife!

  2. ^ AMEN TO THIS.

    Also, a few questions:
    Carousel? At church?
    Any houses for sale on your block? I’ll even take the next block over.
    I’m going to need adult-sized versions of the girls’ skirts in the carousel pic, please and thank you.

  3. a. Yes, we have a carousel at church in the kids wing. Yes, they have a whole wing.
    2. Yes, several and quit teasing me like that!!
    D. They are actually Minnie Mouse dresses with their jackets on top of them. And yes, I’m pretty sure you could wear them.

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