Week Visit- Part 1


I can’t put a whole week visit in one post so today we’ll begin with everything through Saturday night. Insomnia really is a blogger’s best friend. Husbando drove 4 hours round-trip to pick them up so the kiddos got here Thursday around 3:00pm. They came up to our work and saw our offices, met some co-workers, made a ruckus, and then we headed for the pool.

After an hour of swimming we had to head home for dinner and to clean up to meet Nana (my mom). Lady H and Miss D’s foster mother bagged up several trash bags of belongings and sent them with the girls this round. Mostly it was heavily worn stuffed animals but there were a few books too. It really surprised me she sent them because as of now we still have had no contact and she refuses to speak or interact with us. The girls have been assured they can visit the foster parents but supposedly the woman is afraid we’re lying because several years ago a foster child went back to her bio parents and she hasn’t seen her since. Oh and that is somehow our fault. Anyhooooo, we went home, put away all the bags, had dinner with Husbando before work and then it was just Nana and I in charge.


Nana was a good sport and tried Guitar Hero with Agent K. I knew with her weak-stomached self that there was potential for vomit and sure enough, two songs in she had to tap out before losing her dinner. At least she tried! Then Nana bestowed a bounty of adorable clothes to the munchkins and we had a fashion show. I painted Miss D’s fingernails and then they wanted to watch their new Monster High DVD. We watched an episode then Nana had to go home. We said our goodbyes, got ready for bed and hit the sack. The bedtime has gone perfectly since I told them if they got up for anything but the bathroom that I would turn off the tv and not let them watch it the next day.


So then we are at Friday. We woke up, got dressed and drove to Grandma and Grandpa’s (my dad and step-mom’s) lake house about an hour and a half away. We fished (and hated it), swam off the dock in lifejackets (and loved it) and had pizza for dinner (loved that too). We watched Grease and then How To Train Your Dragon all snuggled up with each other on the couch and it was some wonderful family time. The next morning we had to head out after our Frosted Flakes because we had a birthday party to attend at 11. The kids took pics with Grandma and Grandpa and away we went!

We got home, got changed, grabbed our gifts and away we went to a 3-year-old birthday party… in a monsoon. It poured on us but at least it was a splash pad party and everyone was in their suit. The kids fit right in with our friends’ kids and had fun eating junk food, splashing, playing on the playground and just generally being around someone besides us. The kids got the coolest goody bags that kept them entertained for quite a while. Homemade silly putty and candy goes a long way.

When we got home Husbando and Agent K went off to see a movie and the girls and I went to have ‘girls time’ shopping and stopping by for a Happy Hour drink at Sonic. We went to Wal*mart to pick out backpacks and it was a fun experience. We had our first ‘do you love it or do you like it’ convo and I think a lightbulb went off when they realized they had a choice and didn’t have to have grungy cheapy things.

We met Husbando and Agent K at home and soon after Nana came over for dinner. The girls helped me make Chili Dog Casserole for the first time and of all people, Nana about licked her plate clean. After dinner it was tv and playing and bed.

To be continued : )


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