Weekend Visit


This last weekend was our first weekend visit. We picked them up Friday at 4pm and they went home Sunday at 6. The following highlights are my favorite.

Friday night: Picked up kids, came home to check out the house and had our first meal (roast in the crockpot) together. Then Husbando went to work at Wally World and the four of us tried out the bath/teeth brushing/getting ready for bed routine. We had a little ice cream and then Lady H picked out a movie. What did she pick? The Grinch. Agent K and I laughed all the way through mostly because of the hilarity that she had picked a Christmas movie in August. Anyway, we watched 1/2 our movie then started the bedtime thing. Tucked, kissed, hugged, and doted on, they made me think this was going to be easier than I had originally anticipated. Agent K took care of himself like a boss and went in and went right to sleep. The girls, especially Miss D, were having trouble going to sleep. After about 4 trips into the bedroom, Husbando finally got home signalling they were up WAY too late. I know they were excited and nervous and scared so I wasn’t too worried about it, just exhausted myself. So after we realized the trick was to turn on the tv for a little 30 minute show, we all got ourselves some rest.

Saturday was a big day but we all got to sleep as long as we wanted which was about 8am for the kids. Everyone was eager to shop so it was no problem getting dressed, packing up for the day and getting to Carl’s Jr. for a biscuit by 9am. We ate, planned our trip, and headed to Shoe Carnival by 9:35. I had a little talk with them in the parking lot letting them know that everyone would get undivided attention one at a time in the store and while it was not their turn they could play basketball in the back of the store. That was a genius move on my part because we went in, picked out sneakers and church shoes for all three kids and checked out in less than an hour. The place was a madhouse and they did so, so good! Proud of my munchkins for sure. Here are the sneakers they chose:

DSCN0410 DSCN0408 DSCN0414

Miss D, Lady H, and Agent K have excellent taste in shoe wear!

Next up we dropped the shoes in the car and headed over to Kohl’s. Since it was tax-free weekend, the whole town was a nightmare for driving and shopping but what could we do… Agent K didn’t have much in his ‘look what we got you’ pile when he arrived because we just had no idea about his sizes. Plus, 11-year-olds are just so picky… or so I thought. We had a little challenge in Kohl’s because Agent K really does not care what he wears. I’m SURE that will end at some point but everything I held up he said he liked. He tried on about 7 different outfits and after we got the sizing right, we ended up with quite an eclectic mix of tops from Chaps button-downs to Tony Hawk skater shirts and Tommy Bahama beachwear. I love how easygoing he is and don’t think I’m not grateful for it while I have it!

Next we went and had lunch at Bueno with Husbando. They missed him and it was so cute! I was tired and was enjoying the break. We had to have the Pop Convo at lunch and P.S., remind me to write a blog about my HATRED toward kids meals all coming with pop because its infuriating. But the kids took it well and we settled on that we weren’t going to stop letting them have soda at all but that it would be a special occasion and it would be diet if they were allowed to have it. No argument so yet another thing we were worried about that we didn’t need to be. After lunch we went to Wally World to get a baseball glove for Husbando and socks/panties/under shirts for everyone. Check!


After the long day we were ready to hit the pool. The kids were little guppies and after the sunscreen application I don’t think they got out for over 2 hours! We took a cheeseball break, one sunscreen reapplication break, and headed home at 5 to meet Husbando for dinner. He brought home pizza and we had our first pizza party. SO fun. After dinner we played a little Guitar Hero and got our baths done. Next we watched the second half of the Grinch and went to bed. I say bed because it definitely was not sleep! The girls couldn’t sleep, even after their 30 minute show and as I was giving them a little more stern talking to about getting out of bed, Lady H pulled out a wiggly tooth. What the crap?! I’m ill-prepared to be the Tooth Fairy tonight!! So I winged it and put four quarters in a bag, wrote a little note, and taped it to the bathroom mirror. Husbando and I laughed for a while about how quickly our lives had changed and then everyone finally fell asleep.


Sunday was their first day at our church so we needed to be a bit early. We all had Pop-Tarts and peaches for breakfast, gussied up, and left at 8:15. We found their classes, they took off and we picked them up after service. I think I was more nervous for them but apparently they loved it and had a ball. Since Husbando didn’t get to go swimming with us the day before, they asked if we could go again. So we grabbed a McDonalds picnic of 2 large fries and 5 cheeseburgers and away we went!  After a long time swimming we headed home to clean up our rooms, make our beds, pack our stuff, and get on the road. I met their worker on the turnpike to do a custody trade-off and they were having a pretty hard time with leaving. Miss D was having the hardest time and you could feel that the whole hour drive there. She didn’t want to go but she missed her foster parents. I get it, I really do. I can’t imagine how hard and confusing this all is.

We got to video chat with them today and all they kept asking was when could they come back. It breaks my heart and I’m sure their foster parents too but technically they should come for the five-day visit this weekend, go back for a few days and then move in for good. Can you believe we waited so long then this all happens in a month? And could it be a worse time at work? Nope! Oh well, I’m not going to let anything stand in our way at this point! We need to get these kids in before school starts and I hope its going in that direction.


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