Dates 2-4 With Our Kids


This last weekend was wonderful and magical and exhausting so get ready to start having to wait longer between updates. I’m sorry but at least I’m preparing you, my three followers, now.

 We went to see the kids in their stomping grounds and had so, so much fun. When I think about it, I can’t think of it going any better. I can’t imagine having a better time or doing better things. Can you tell someone is on Cloud 9? Its ridiculous, I know. Anyway, break down of what we did:


Friday: We met at 3:30 at the indoor Sonic with the kids, their worker, and our worker. Our worker stayed just a little while but was there to oversee our first meeting with Agent K since he wasn’t there last time. When we arrived they were surprisingly excited and even Agent K had a giant smile on his face. They could not wait to have us sit down and start chatting. We all got happy hour drinks and since the kids are ALWAYS hungry, they got snacks. We sat at a big table just the 5 of us and made crafts, answered a million quetions (Agent K was playing catch-up), took pics, and laughed a lot. After two hours, they had to go home and we made plans to see them the next day. Their foster parents, specifically the foster mom, are ‘having a lot of trouble with the transition’ so we weren’t allowed to go pick the kids up or drop them off and their awesome worker had to do it. More on that later.


Saturday: Around 10:30 we met at the fairgrounds to watch a horse-jumping show. The girls both love horses and all three seemed to like the competition. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the best free activity I’ve found b/c we were 5 of 30 people in the whole giant arena and also because you have to be silent while they jump. Would have been nice if it was fuller. The kids hadn’t eaten breakfast so they started whining about being hungry at noon. We left and went to CiCi’s pizza where everyone filled up mostly on brownies and cinnamon rolls. Sometimes you just need a brownie in your life. Next we headed to Dollar Tree where they picked out things for our house. Shampoo, soap, hair accessories, brushes/combs, toothpaste, etc and one toy (only our big guy picked a Bruno Mars hat and shades).


Next we headed to the movies to see Rio 2 and when that was over we had to head back to the DHS office to drop them off. Their worker swept them back to their homes and promised to see us the next morning bright and early. Apparently he had to pick up the girls before their foster parents left for church and that is 8:30.

Sunday: Their worker met us bright and early in his pajamas. We went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast and Bro-In-Law and Edmond Girl met us. The wait was longer than we anticipated but we did enjoy sitting around playing the peg game for a bit. The girls played with every toy in the store while Agent K picked up and inspected just about everything they sell. He is a curious guy!


Around 11 we went to a park to play at the splash pad and have a picnic. Schnookie, Sis-In-Law, and Nephy-Niece met us there (and brought the picnic). When Miss D caught a glimpse of Nephy-Niece she pushed everyone out of the way, yelled his name and ran to him. Apparently someone has been studying their picture album I gave them with everyone’s name in it. We splashed for a long while then sat down for sandwiches and a bountiful kiddy feast with goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, apples, chips, carrots, and anything else you’ve ever wanted. After lunch we played a long time more then broke out the watermelon. We shared with several people at the park (our kids make friends fast apparently) and then packed up the whole mess to head back to the DHS office. The kids were sad to go but getting pretty pooped from not having been home for 2 1/2 days. I could relate.


We lingered outside the DHS office for a bit since the foster parents were still not home from church  and their worker knew it was more fun to play together than try to entertain them in their driveway for a half hour. We took LOTS of funny pics together, ran around, talked about our house, talked about when we would see each other again and then finally said our goodbyes. They were sad to go but eager to get in the car since they were tired and it was hot. Hugs were given, plans made and we will see them again this weekend when they come to our house for the first time. How exciting for us all!


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