What Do You Gift Your Future Kids?


What would you give a child that is getting ready to move into your home and heart? I hope blankets because I’ve raided the fabric section at Joann’s and created these four masterpieces. Why four? I found some clearance monkey material and Nephy-Niece needs to keep warm too! Lady H gets pink dogs and cats. Miss D gets purple kitties and birdies and Agent K gets the Thunder Up blanket. I know everyone wants to have their blanket when they are on the couch (even myself) so I hope these make them feel a little more comfortable.


We still don’t know what belongings they will come with and that is a small hash on the ‘Con’ list of DHS adoption. Will they come with lots of clothes, books, toys, and toiletries or will we be scrambling to get things before school starts? Do they have bikes? Do they want bikes? Are their foster parents going to keep some things they want to bring and add to their hurt? I just don’t know!! I’m hoping, like everything else lately, I’m worried for nothing. In fact, I’m hoping to be wrong but preparing to be at Wal*Mart at midnight the night before school starts. Better to be pleasantly surprised than sadly disappointed I always say.



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