Pay It Forward



Today I took a trip to Walgreens during lunch. I was just going to pop in, pick up my Rx’s and come back but I made the mistake of picking up the sale ad. If you have time to go to Walgreens once a week to  just buy the deepest discounted sale items, you’d save a ton. I usually don’t have time to shop there once a week but do grab laundry soap when it is buy one get two free. Anyway, I saw that 15-25 count boxes of freezer storage bags were on sale for $.99. Normally they are $2.49-$3.99 so I grabbed a few. Then I grabbed a few more. And a few more. So I bought like 18 boxes.

After that score I went back to skimming the ad and realized school supplies were on sale. Normally I happily skim over that part but then a lightbulb went off… I’m going to need to buy school supplies this year and in triplicate! My mind goes into planning mode and erasers start flying. I’m having an inner struggle between ‘Carynn, stop being a hoarder’ and ‘Carynn, buy all you can now because you don’t want to have to live on Ramen in August’. I buy index cards, pencils, folders, pencil sharpeners, glue, erasers, and a few other miscellaneous things. Most everything was $.39 or less. Even if we just use them for art time, thats a great deal! I also stocked up on Kleenex tissues because they aren’t cheap and they had them BOGO.

My cart is now heaped full of the bargains and I’m getting worn out. The nice cashier is very patiently ringing up all the items and applying the discounts/coupons. We hit a snag with one item and the manager went to go check it out. While he was gone a woman who had been checking out behind me walked over, laid two $20s down on the counter and pushed them toward the cashier while she said ‘I would like to pay it forward so please use this to buy her stuff.’ She ran out the front door barely leaving me enough time to get over the shock and yell thank you! She was beaming (like you do when you know you’ve done something amazing) and I hope some day the blessing comes full circle for her. I was speechless and very, very close to tears. I had been struggling while waiting in line wondering if buying this stuff was crazy or a good call and God settled my heart almost to tell me its okay to get excited because this is really happening.

I left the store with my head down and the second the shopping cart hit the parking lot pavement the tears started flowing. It was so hot out that I just threw everything in the back of my car, returned the cart and then sat in my hot car crying for a bit. I have had someone buy me a drink or pick up my lunch but never buy my children’s school supplies. Children I don’t even have yet but would give up all our money for! This truly was a genuine moment between God and I and I am very grateful for Him reassuring me we are doing the right thing.

Since I was a hot mess in the store, I’d like to publicly thank the young, dark-haired lady at Walgreens for the blessing she gave me (and my kiddos) today. We really do appreciate you and hope our Pay It Forward moment is as impactful as yours.


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