Our First Adoption Date


Yesterday was our ‘first date’ with our kids. Unfortunately, at the last minute, Agent K couldn’t make it so we had lunch with the girls. There was a pretty sad elephant in the room but we did ok. When they got to McDonalds, they ran to us and Lady H gave me a big hug that let me know everything was gonna be okay. I was surprised at how natural they were and how open they were with sitting close, chatting away, and lots of eye contact. They were super excited to order their Happy Meals so we got in line and started fixing drinks. After we ate every last morsel of food, we looked through the adoption Smashbook I made for them with pics of the house and all our family. Then Husbando and Miss D went to get our McFlurries and McSmoothies. I wasn’t there but supposedly Miss D and Husbando had the following exchange. Get a tissue…

D: Whats her name again?

H: Who? Carynn?

D: Yeah, her. I’m  just gonna call her Mommy and you Daddy, ok?

H: Yeah, I think thats great.

So I didn’t even know that went down (obviously) and it wasn’t until we were alone in the car that he told me. While we were coloring, she asked for the blue marker. When no one handed it to her, she asked again with ‘Mommy, will you hand me the blue marker’ and it took me a beat to mentally pick myself off the McDonalds floor and hand my child her marker. I looked around and no one seemed to have heard/be shocked it came out of that babe’s wee mouth so I just sat there holding back the tears. When I told Husbando about it later, he said he was not surprised because of what she had asked.

It was just wonderful in general. My highlight may have been them asking to listen to music on my phone and so we sat in a McDonalds coloring, listening to Adele, and having a great time. Or maybe when Husbando taught Miss D about his Cheeseburger Fries knuckle bump handshake and I watched as Lady H worked my camera like a boss. She even figured out how to video on it before I did so we have quite a funny video of us and 46 strangers partying like rockstars in Micky D’s. Oh, or maybe when it was time to leave and they both gave us giant hugs and asked when they could see us again. Could have been when they asked if they could spend the night with us. I CAN’T PICK A FAVORITE MOMENT!


Our next meeting is Friday afternoon and this time we’re going to their stomping grounds for a little Happy Hour visit at Sonic. SLUSHES FOR EVERYONE! Then we plan to stay around for the whole weekend so we can spend time with them both Saturday and Sunday as well. May find a splash pad to visit if we can. Sunday perhaps back to school clothes shopping if we get the time. Everyone needs a new back to school outfit, right?

Thanks to everyone who is sharing this experience and excitement with us. Please continue to pray they will get to move in before school starts because that is our major goal. We want to make their transition as smooth as possible and hope to help by being at their school the first days.


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