Trip Of A Lifetime 2


Husbando and I went on a little va-cay and since I had other more adoption-related things to tell you, I put off telling you all about our trip. To sum it up… it was awesome! We went on a similar trip two years ago out west but this time we headed north.

We left Tulsa and stayed in St. Louis, Detroit, Niagara Falls Canada, Cleveland, Louisville and Nashville. It made for a whirlwind trip but we got to see so many things we always wanted to.

Highlights Include:

Stopping in STL to see the BFFF (it had been far too long!!)


Touching the famous red curtains on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry


Seeing the world’s largest wind chime, knitting needles, golf tee, crochet hook, baseball bat, rubber stamp, and gavel


Going to Canada for the first time and seeing Niagara Falls


Having the best donut of my 31-year-old life


Touring the Budweiser plant, Louisville Slugger factory, Jim Beam distillery, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, GM Headquarters, several wineries, and Cooter’s Dukes of Hazzard Museum.


We saw every sports arena in every town but luckily, Husbando didn’t make me go inside all of them.


The time we spend on the road is so very precious to me. I love driving for hours and talking to Husbando with no distractions. We can talk about the future, wonderful memories we’ve made, the pros and cons of getting a guinea pig, where we think we should go on our next trip (hopefully with kiddos), why I can’t buy a lifejacket for a guinea pig… well, you get the point.

Traveling together seems to bring out the best in our marriage because we know we’re stuck in a tiny car for the next week. You get mad and glad in the same pants because you can’t take the normal time to cool off in another room. I can’t angrily scrub the bathroom tile in the middle of a highway of Arizona, can I?

This was the second Trip of a Lifetime that we’ve done and I’m hoping for several more. We want our kids to know that our wonderful country has so, so much to offer that we couldn’t experience it all in our lifetime. That doesn’t mean, however, that we aren’t going to try!




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