Not Flesh Of My Flesh



I know I talk about the teenagers a lot but this time I (amazingly) have an adoption point. Couple  weekends ago I got to spend some quality time with four of them for our birthdays. It was my annual birthday luau and Number One was turning 21 soon after. How is that possible?! So Number Three and Number Four moved in Thursday and Number One and his boyfriend came Saturday and then they all headed home Sunday night.

We partied, played games, went to the drive-in, verbally abused each other, ate junk food, and generally had the best big kid slumber party you’ve ever heard of.


Now I promised you a point so here it is… adopters get asked how they can love another person’s flesh and blood as their own. Guess what, I love these kids who have about 0% of my DNA. They have been gone a few days and instead of feeling filled up by their visit, I feel sad and lonely that I don’t get to see them all the time. They are seriously AMAZING kids that have so, so much going for them and I am so proud to know them.


Why does it seem weird for people that I love children that came from someone else’s womb? I also have a nephew that obviously didn’t come from me but guess what… I love him like my own too. Its neither DNA nor birthing someone that makes us love them. Lucky for our future kiddos, they will fall in the same category : )


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