Nothin’ Says Love Like Burnt Bacon


This morning at 5:15 am I woke up to the sound of our fire alarm yelling at me. Not the typical beeping they do, yelling at me!  It screeches ‘DANGER! DANGER! FIRE! FIRE!’. So panic starts, I leap out of bed and realize Husbando wasn’t in bed with me. That rat better not have left me here to burn! As I turn the corner I begin to smell burning so I am freaking out that this may be real. Not the scrapbooks!! After a little rubbing of my eyes I realize that Husbando is actually standing under the detector fanning it with a sheet pan. How bad does this man need a midnight snack?! The bacon smoke was overwhelming. I asked if there was a real fire and after I was assured my belongings were safe, I headed back to bed. Boy, you are going to get an ear-full in the morning! I pulled the covers back up and then laid there for 45 minutes staring into the dark. I’m gonna kill him. My adrenaline was raging through my veins at a rate that would not let my heart stop beating out of my chest. Further, the ruckas from the kitchen was so loud, it could only mean one thing. I’m gonna be cleaning for days to get that crap off the ceiling. He was making birthday breakfast. Around 5:50 he came waltzing into the room carrying a tray with the most delicious-looking omlette, biscuits, juice, and the most eye-catching… a jewelry bag.

We had quite the early wake-up call so I was fresh and alert for my breakfast. Then I got to open my sweet card and the jewelry bag. Diamond hoops! That was totally worth jolting out of bed for.

The rest of the day went much better. Husbando had the week off from work so I met him and some other friends for lunch, he sent me beautiful flowers and then took me to an amazing dinner at Carrabba’s.  When we got home he went off to his second job but in the frige I found the most decadent dessert ever… raspberry tiramisu he had made while I was at work. What a great guy! My annual birthday luau is coming up and I can’t wait to party with everyone! Hopefully next year we have a few more people to party with us but I’m pretty sure I said the same thing last year so no jinxing it!


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