Adoption Swap Box Take 1


One day I searched ‘adoption’ on Instagram and found some pretty cool photos mixed in with 145,878 dog photos. Ever since that night I have done the same search before drifting off to sleep each night. Not only do I find some awesome stuff but the scrolling also puts me to sleep. Couple weeks ago I stumbled upon something called the Adoption Swap Box. What a fun idea! This wonderful woman decided to do something for women who are adopting or have already adopted. For two separate rounds she randomly gives you a name and email address of another woman to start communicating with. You email, social media stalk and just get to know them. In a couple weeks you send them a box of treasures. The box has to have at least $25 worth or treasure and there needs to be at least five items. Can be handmade things, can be purchased and really should reflect them and their journey. You also agree to pray for the woman’s prayer requests and their adoption process. How cool is all this?! 

So duh, I signed up and today I sent my first email introducing myself. I can’t wait to get to know her and my round two adoptress. I haven’t met many people who are sitting in our position so this could be very helpful. While I was writing my letter I couldn’t help but think I sounded a little over-eager. I obviously want to know as much as possible so that I can fill her box with the best stuff but it came off like HI I’M CARYNN AND I WANNA BE BESTIES FOR THE RESTIES. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? DO YOU LIKE MEATLOAF TOO?!

I’m sure it was fine but still felt a little funny. So there ya have it, I’m trying new adoption-y things. Putting myself out there and hoping for the best. Haven’t talked to our worker in a couple weeks so maybe while I’m riding this high, I’ll drop her a line too… 


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