Our New Cart


Hello, my name is Carynn and I am an over-planner.

I hate when people tell me not to put the cart before the horse. I cannot help that the only activity I was ever allowed to do was Girl Scouts and therefore, have no other skills. I actually enjoy planning things. I am good at it. I can plan a fundraiser weekend in 13 minutes, depending on the hold time at the Wal*Mart deli line. I can plan a birthday party in the blink of an eye. Its just what I do and I don’t apologize for it.

Fast forward to when the car salesman asked us why on earth we need three rows in our new car. My mental response was ‘none of your damn business’ and my mouth said something like ‘going to have a big family so we need lots of room’. His eyes said he was thinking the car was not going to last long enough for me to push out three kids and because I wanted to explain/can’t keep my mouth shut, I told him the short version of our adoption story.

‘We are adopting. Hopefully three or four kids and they could come any time so we need to be ready.’

Long story short, he shut up and moved forward with getting us in that car. We bought a 2007 crimson Jeep Commander and I love all 6,800 pounds of the luxury tank with a six-disc changer and sunroof.



So what does Tank have to do with over-planning? Well we bought a big-ass cart before we have any horses to pull it. Wait, that was horrible. Let me try again…

We went and bought a big-ass cart before we know how many horses we’ll have to pull it. Bam! There we go, connection made! I am planning on a big family even before we know how many kiddos we will have. We need to be able to all ride together and the days before we go pick up our kids (and God do I pray for that day) we do not need to be worrying about car shopping.We’re good to go now thanks to my over-planning so everybody hop in, we’re goin’ to Wally World!




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