This Is NOT A Drill


You guys, this is NOT a drill.

Today we got the email that says we’re approved to adopt Single Rider!!

OMG. Is that a tear?! Of course it is because we could be parents. Like real parents. She met those other people and still liked us best? We must really look good on paper : )

We just have to go down to the DHS office and have a disclosure meeting. Thats where we get to ask anything we want and they have to tell us (or find out if they don’t know). Its her worker, our worker, and us. We get to go over court dockets, medical records, school files, everything they have. They will also call the foster parents, counselor and other officials and tell them it is ok to answer all of our questions. We get to know it all y’all.

I’ve made a list of questions but honestly, I haven’t been able to think of anything big enough that would come out and make us change our minds. At least that is what I’m choosing to believe.

The meeting is Monday at 10am. Heres hoping I don’t nest myself to death between now and then. Tonight I went shopping for fruits and veggies then came home and did laundry and made tabouli. Tomorrow I guess I’ll clean out her closet and straighten up the craft room. Where we can scrapbook. Together. Forever. Oh goodness, where did I put that tissue? Who is cutting onions?!


Oh, also, Happy Birthday Schnookie. Hope unclehood counts as a gift…





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