Nesting Away


While Husbando works at night, I have been nesting away at the house. I have been quite comfy to take up every inch of our 1,880 square foot house with my own belongings and now I need to make some room. I also need to do spring cleaning because there are still boxes we haven’t unpacked from when Madre AND Nannykins & Papakins moved out of their houses within months of each other. Not knowing what kids we will have has made it tough to plan. Do we need toys people are very willing to offer? Do we need a highchair someone is giving away? How about a kiddy pool? People are so generous that we like to accept all help that is given to us but now we are left with a garage full of things we need to sort and either garage sale or put to use.

securedownload-1 securedownload-2

Just this last week Wal*Mart had a flash sale (think Blue Light Special) every night just inside the front doors. Random palettes of deep-discounted merch that they needed to move to make more room in the supply room. Nothing about to expire (because I checked it all) just stuff that generally took up too much room. Our prized find? Family-size boxes of Pop-Tarts for just $1. Also we found canned veggies, Pringles, Betty Crocker potato side dishes, family-size boxes of Gushers & Fruit Roll-Ups, cans of Planters peanuts, tortilla chips, and much more. I figured we could eat what we want and give the rest away. In fact, just tonight I filled a bag for my friend who has a two-year-old and one on the way. I really do believe helping, even in little ways like that, is good karma. People help us all the time so how could I not pass that along?

Back to the point. When I showed up at home with 20 boxes of Pop-Tarts, Husbando said two things: 1.You look like one of those ‘Extreme Couponers’ and 2. Where are you going to put all that?! Oh Husbando of little faith. I got all that in our pantry that appeared to already be full. I got rid of four canned goods that were expired and replaced it with 745 new items. That may be a small exaggeration. I also cleaned out and re-organized four other kitchen cabinets. I started going through the ‘purse closet’ (AKA future kid room closet) and getting rid of anything I thought I could live without. I re-organized my linen closet and purchased a few extra kid-friendly towels. Bath sheets are not for the tiny. I organized under the bathroom skink. By the way, no one buy me soap, bath gel, or lotion for the next 26 years because trust me, I’m good.

I love feeling like I am cleaning for someone. Like I have to do this so *insert fictitious child(ren)* will have room for their stuff. I love that I have a home to clean at all and that very soon we could be living the American dream and filling up this house with people and laughter. Oh boy I hope…


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