Cinco de Mayo



Happy May 5th you guys! Every year I celebrate this day not only because I love margaritas, but because I have a best friend that made it very easy for me to remember her wedding anniversary. We’re both pretty cool like that. Anyway, I just think back to before BFF and and her hubby were married and laugh at how he used to hide from us. If I came into town, I would see him walk in after work and maybe during dinner. The rest of his time was spent in his bedroom watching sports. BFF and I would sit and talk for hours about everything going on since the last time I made the four -hour drive to her house. We would hear random curses and cheers proving he was still alive but he never would participate in the convo. We think maybe he was a little scared of me not liking him.

157067_10150328201140220_1207087_nThen one day, everything changed. I think it was probably the week I came to visit and BFF had to work during the day so her hubby had to entertain me. Mostly we watched tv and ate junk food but for once, we had real conversations. We like some of the same tv shows, we laugh at the same stupid commercials, we both don’t like to eat breakfast food at every meal.  Ever since then we have been buddies and it has always been fun to be their third wheel. Luckily, they have never made me feel like I’m intruding on their relationship and that is another reason why our friendship has stayed so strong for so long. Now that Husbando is around too, it makes for some good double dates.

27025_10150147525450220_3657396_nI am so glad I have such a good marriage role model to look up to and confide in. BFF and I have been going strong for 23+ years and I don’t see an end in sight. When people say that your best friends in life are the ones you can call and act like you haven’t missed a moment, they are right. While I don’t get to see her and her family every day, I do think about them often. As we’re going through our adoption journey, I know she is invested in our progress and I can be the most honest and vulnerable with her about my feelings. I get texts from her when I need them most and I hope mine are exactly what she needs too. So happy anniversary you two! I hope you have a great day and know I will always think of you… while drinking my margaritas : )




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