Overdosing On Good News



There is no such thing as too much good news, right?

We had our third adoption party today and it went well. This is everyone’s favorite party and while it was good, it wasn’t exponentially better than the others, it just had horses. Most importantly is that yes, we got to meet 17-year-old Miss Single Rider. We stood and talked for what seemed like five minutes (but Husbando assures me it was 20 minutes) before another worker pulled us away and made her go talk to some other people who were obviously not as cool as us also interested in her. It got under my skin because I was JUST about to ask her to eat with us when he interrupted but apparently we have to be fair. I hate fair sometimes.

While we were talking it was really nice. She admitted she was pretty nervous because this was her first party ever. After a few jokes back and forth I couldn’t tell she had any jitters left. Husbando definitely had his own jitters that he confessed to me on the drive home but as usual, I had verbal diarrhea so I didn’t notice. I’m decently versed at reading between teenager lingo and I’m ridiculously blunt with everything I say so lets hope she liked us. The other people she visited with (not that we kept tabs on her and checked her out from a distance the whole time…) seemed to all be much older and I hope that doesn’t hurt our chances because we don’t seem as parent-like. 

We did tell her we live in Tulsa and she liked that. She liked Husbando’s gardening and sports enthusiasm and liked my scrapbooking and cooking. Unfortunately I can’t really tell you guys anything about what she likes but that the entire meeting made us like her more than we already did. Our prayer now is that she tells her worker she likes us and we hear this next couple weeks that we are authorized to go over all her paperwork. Our worker said meeting her today would actually count as our first little meet-and-greet date so our next one would be a day visit or even overnight. We found out it took around 3 hours to get to the party which means she does NOT live as close as we hoped. We don’t mind at all it will just mean the ‘dates’ will be a little more challenging than if she lived closer.  

Okay, on to the other news. Apparently another family’s worker (and our worker didn’t know which one because she likes to torture us and keep us in suspense has been working on so many families for us) has us on the top of their list too. She actually thinks in the next week we will get approval to go over their paperwork as well. Of course God may now test/teach us in a whole other way. All along He has been teaching patience and now I guess we are going to work on… decision making? Discernment? I don’t really know what but if we get authorized for both, a decision will have to be made about what our priority is since we’ve been told we most likely can’t pursue both at the same time. *deep breath* We will just cross that bridge if we come to it. Its a very good bridge to have to cross I suppose. 

Thank you to everyone, including my Teenagers, that texted support today! I really appreciate everyone being involved and excited.  



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