Third Try Is A… Charm?


Saturday is yet another adoption party. I know it feels like we go to one every other day but its really just our third. DHS holds only three a year (in different areas of the state) and this last one is said to be the best.  Why, you ask? Supposedly there are pony rides and other awesome things for the kids to do. Bonus! When I asked our worker today if Single Rider was going to be there… she said yes! We will get to meet and (hopefully) spend time with her in order to get to know her a little better. We still haven’t been authorized to read her file or anything but it would be nice to put a face with this young lady we’re very interested in. Normally we wouldn’t meet her until we were approved to adopt and had a week of reviewing her file. I’m pretty excited! Plus, there will be a whole new book of kiddos to meet and play with there too. 

Husbando is calm, cool, and collected. I am a nervous wreck down to obsessing about what to wear when you meet your potential child(ren). What does one wear for that particular event especially when the child is 17 and knows you’re faking cool. With a younger kid, they don’t know that you’re not cool, just that you’re there. Maybe its because today is the ten year anniversary of Mean Girls or maybe I’m just super self-conscious but I’m stuck between trying to look cool and trying to look like I’m not trying. Thats what teenagers go for, right?! Do I wear one of my signature hair accessories or try to look more mature in hopes the workers will take me serious? Ugh… Guess it will just be a gameday decision. Also, can we take selfies? Don’t you think we would want pics of the first time we met if she ends up being our daughter? They can’t tell this scrapbooker she can’t, right? Ugh again. 

So wish us luck and I will report back as soon as possible! 


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