Then This Happened


We are back from vacation and I am trying to get back to the reality that is my full-time job. To be honest, its sucking. I want to be on the open road somewhere between here and Canada again. I want to be standing next to the world’s largest wind chime. I want to be stumbling upon fun stuff from my roadside attractions app. But sadly I cannot always be so I will just have to fake it until my Powerball numbers get called. More on the trip in some future posts. Let me get to the real reason I’m writing.

Today we were feeling a little down that we didn’t hear anything the last three weeks about our two potential matches, Miss Single Rider and The Three Muskateers. We were told no news from their workers means we aren’t a match but not to expect to be let down gently, just silence. Thus, we thought we had our hopes up only to be let down again. I, being the stubborn woman I am, couldn’t accept that and decided I needed to hear a ‘no’ for real. I guess I wasn’t giving up so easily. I caved and sent an email asking if she had heard anything about Miss Single Rider. The response is below:

Hello, the worker indicated that (insert real name I can’t share) was very interested in meeting you as soon as we get adoption authorization. I requested an update just now on where we are in the process. As soon as I hear of an authorization I will notify you. 


Miss Adoption Worker

I’m sorry, is that a tear running down my cheek?! Dang. I thought I had it pulled together but obvi not. Can you see the words up there? The ones where it says she is ‘very interested in meeting’? Holy cow. No matter how much I try not to think about her hearing those words and feeling like maybe she could still find a family, even at 17, I can’t NOT think about it. Can you imagine being just months from aging-out of the system and hear the words that someone still thinks you’re worth becoming their family? I know I’m getting ahead of myself by assuming she will fit with us before we’ve asked a single question or seen a single paper but I can’t help it. I’m a planner and in my mind, I’m always planning for things to go my way. Duh.

Anyway, there is your update. It was a bummy day and then that happened right before I had to give a presentation to an auditorium full of students. I killed the presentation and even made 65 international kids laugh out loud. I was feeling so good, I mowed my neighbor’s lawn in hopes of some good karma. Hey, I’ll take what I can get these days.


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