We Interrupt This Radio Silence…


Monday I emailed our worker to add Miss Single Rider to our interest list. I guess I quickly embraced the new made-us-feel-super-important way our workers were attending to us and forgot what the waiting game was like. I like to block out painful memories quickly I guess. So not hearing from our worker, even to acknowledge I sent the email, kinda surprised me. Its still no news. Thanks to all who are interested enough to keep asking. I promise I will update when I hear from her.

UPDATE 4:45PM: Our worker emailed me and asked if we could call her at 11 tomorrow. Call?! OMG this must mean some real news, right?! No idea what I’m going to do until tomorrow morning. Grow an ulcer probably… 

UPDATE 10:15AM: My ulcer is alive and well and going to have to wait a little while longer. She emailed to say 11 won’t work, make it 11:45. Fine!

UPDATE 11:45: I meet Husbando in his office and just in time since he had the phone number half-entered when I strolled in. Below is the convo. It went very well.

Worker: This is ‘Worker McWorkerson’.

Us: Hi Worker, this is ‘Mr. and Mrs. Wants To Adopt’.

Worker: … Hi…

Us: We were just calling you b/c you told us to?…

Worker: *crickets* … Hello?…


Worker: Oh, ok! Well we had a lot of interest in your home study from both Miss Single Rider’s worker and the worker for Three Pack. There may be more coming but I already heard from those two. Single Rider’s worker is SO excited! As you know the worker picks her top three and then forwards them on to her supervisory committee to make the top decision.

At this point our eyes are wide and we’re smiling at each other and are barely hearing what all she has to say. *insert cheesy joke about them liking us… them REALLY liking us*  The moral of the story was that we can’t have them both so if we were chosen for more than one, we have to go in, read all the papers, think and pray on it and decide which one. THAT will be hard but I’m not so worried about it b/c I think at that moment, God will make the decision easy on us. We will know what to do, I’m sure (famous last words).

She said it should be next week that we hear about if we are chosen or not. We will patiently wait. Or un-patiently wait. Either way, we wait.


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