Miss Single Rider On My Mind


Today is Monday and I have not been able to get that little Miss Single Rider off my mind. I can’t get the other kiddos off my mind but her in particular. I think its because we didn’t put her on our list and the ‘what if’ factor is there. At the concert of my life Saturday night I was thinking about her. When having a slumber party with my nephew I was thinking about her. While getting dressed for a funeral I was thinking about her. I don’t do well with missed opportunities!

So I called Husbando and asked him if he kept thinking about it. He said yes. I asked him if he thought we missed an opportunity. He said yes. I asked him if we were crazy for thinking a teenager this old was good for us. He said yes again. Finally I asked him if I should email our worker that we wanted to add her to our list of inquiries just to see if she was still available or even still wanted to be adopted. He said yeeeesss! So I did and now I’m at peace.

I’ve been thinking about the adorable squirts we had lunch with too. I’ve been thinking about all the kids we’ve inquired about this month and seeing all their little faces in my daydreams. I do something one said they like to do and wish they were with me or I put on a color one said was their favorite and I realize that as crazy as it makes me feel, this is exactly what I should be doing. If I don’t think about them, there is probably a reason. If I feel like they may fit in our family then I should. Unfortunately at this point, that means I need to buy 23 sets of bunk beds :  )


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