Dear Governor Fallin, Part II



You guys, I’m sorry. I thought I published this a week ago but obviously I did not. I don’t have the energy to re-write it a week later so just pretend, ok? KThanksBye : )

Previously I mailed a letter to our wonderful Governor, Mary Fallin. Don’t remember? Well just scroll down a post. I explained how very frustrated we were with the DHS system and although I did not think we would hear anything about it (at least not very soon), we got a phone call from our worker’s supervisor Wednesday at 4:30 pm. Husbando was away from his phone when she rang so he returned her call 30 minutes later. I was not surprised that she didn’t answer because it was  obviously goin’ home time. I WAS surprised she called back at 5:30. We had just ordered dinner at a restaurant and were waiting on our food when he answered. The conversation was exciting because we cling to any bone anyone ever throws to us but disappointing that it was no new news. She made one small comment that Husbando and I found interesting that went something like ‘yeah, you guys seem pretty open and don’t really have strict requirements so I am kinda surprised you haven’t gotten farther in the process by now’…

Um, this is exactly our thought! This is EXACTLY why I can’t understand not calling or writing us back when we contact you! Or why we always have to contact DHS ourselves! Anyway, back to the convo. She made Husbando tell her our preferences for the 4th time, our info for the 76th time and we had to hear ‘it just takes time’ for the 1,454,761st time. WE GET IT! We aren’t mad its taking a while. We know we will get them when we are supposed to. We are upset about your office and its procedures that hurt everyone involved. Fast forward to yesterday. We made our way to the DHS office at lunch for our meeting. Our worker was very nice and came in and sat us down to do our thing. Her supervisor showed up and introduced herself to us. Apparently she forgot that we’ve met twice before but ok, some people aren’t good with things like that. She gave us her card and left. It was awkward but luckily our worker was very professional and polite so we got through it.

We handed in yet another long list of kids we like (some repeats from previous times) and we are hopeful. Our worker has already responded to us about four different groups so the communication floodgate feels like it may have been sprung open a bit.  We have an adoption party Saturday so I’m hopeful now that we know what to expect at these. I just desperately want to sit and have lunch with some kiddos so lets hope that happens. Will update… Promise!


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