Dear Governor Fallin,



So I wrote Governor Mary Fallin a letter. I told her everything I am mad about, I explained how we fell through the cracks, I let her hear it ALL. Last week we went unanswered for several days in an attempt to go to our worker’s office to discuss the stagnancy of our process and I told her that too. I assure you I’m much harsher in this post than the actual letter was but I definitely informed her of how I perceive our DHS office to run. Oh and I hear you three followers that are cringing at the thought of my DHS worker reading this. Guess what, there is about zero chance she is reading this little blog since she won’t even ANSWER MY EMAILS! Plus, maybe reading these will open her eyes to the irritation we are feeling at her not caring about us. Here is a taste of my letter…

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.04.54 AM

Maybe after the entire process is over, I’ll show you guys the entire letter. Don’t want to give away all my secrets right now.

We are scheduled to go to the DHS office tomorrow and while I am all tough right now, I always melt in person because I know these people are ultimately in charge of us getting a family. I don’t want them to be any more hostile than they are already and since honey is better than vinegar and such, I will play it cool. No one wants to see me escorted out of the DHS office (except maybe my BFFF who would be disappointed in not being there).

Obviously I will update you as soon as possible. Hoping for the best!!

P.S. I don’t want to blame everything on one particular DHS worker so don’t think I am blaming this one woman. The entire system needs an overhaul and supervisors first. They are actually training their staff to prioritize in a way that is unhealthy to the organization.





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