I have one Bucket List concert left to see. Cher. I missed my chance in high school and cried like a sissy girl that I couldn’t go but being Cher and fabulous, there is a third farewell tour! I bought tickets the moment they went on sale and secured quite a good pair in the nosebleed seats. My dream is coming true!

Fast forward a few month to when they cancelled our adoption party. That was the beginning of February and they said they would try to reschedule for ‘soon’. Well guess soon means almost 2 months later but its ok, at least they are still having it.  When you ask? The day of the Cher concert. Two hours away. I know, a kick in the gut. I *think* we can get back in time but we won’t know until that day which is too late to sell the tickets. I’m convinced God is not going to make me miss this concert so we’re going to pack our concert outfits and hope we get two bucket list items off the list that day. #1. See Cher #2 See our future family

Sometimes all you can do is hope so here is to having faith that everything will work out.


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