Adoption Party Part 2



Out of the blue last week we received an invitation to another adoption party. You can understand why we were completely surprised since we haven’t heard so much as a peep from DHS since October and didn’t realize you get invited to parties in other regions. Anyway, the bottom part of the state is throwing a shindig and after much deliberation… we sent in our RSVP for two spots. We are going to participate and attend everything DHS asks us to do so that we can honestly say we have done all we. Just like you can’t complain about politicians if you don’t vote, you can’t gripe at DHS for not helping you if you haven’t helped yourself. Plus, Texas will probably being our permanent home in the future so why not be matched with kids close to that Texas border : )

Luckily, from having been at a party previously, we know what to expect. We walk in, get a catalogue with pics and profiles of all the kids who are coming, we look it over and let our worker know who we want to meet, if any. The alternative is we just quietly slip out before the children start arriving because none of them in the book are matches for us. That technically happened last time but we stayed for at least an hour after the kids arrived so we could see how the whole party worked. Plus, it was cowboy themed and we wanted to stay for the chuck-wagon lunch. One nice thing is that they bring in big, nice prizes for a raffle and every child ends up going home with a new toy. The latest Barbie Dreamhouse is not exactly a consolation prize for a new family but nice that all the kids leave with a good feeling. Well, that is if they haven’t gotten a concussion from the 7 inflatables they had to play on.

So there ya have it, another countdown. Two weeks from today we will be heading down for an adoption party masked as a weekend with the grandparents. The very best part is that we will be spending some quality time with our nephew and wrestling with him on the living room floor always makes me forget anything is wrong in life.


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