This Is NOT an Update…



This is not a real update. This is a confirmation that I was correct all along… we fell through the cracks of DHS.

I wrote an email to our worker several months ago that said I was worried about being forgotten and felt like we had already fallen through these cracks. I was sent a very long response immediately addressing my concerns. Apparently if you accuse people of forgetting about you, you get answers fast. Then they forget about you. For months. Several months. So anyway, I was brushed off being told that ‘these things take time’ and that I had to be patient.

Fast forward several months later to now and Husbando has had enough of the silent treatment and patient thing.  He called our worker’s supervisor (or at least who we thought was still our worker) but she was not in the office. Instead, he got her supervisor’s supervisor who was very nice and more importantly, very honest. Miss. Supervisor agreed that we were lied to given ‘misinformation’ about getting a new worker when ours transferred and that we had been assigned a new worker for a while now. The supervisor even asked aloud why on earth we hadn’t been contacted yet and that she would be making sure she got with us the next day. I didn’t hold my breath and good thing because its now five days later and still no call. However, Husbando is not taking this lightly and will be calling later today. I think his new outlook is that the squeeky wheel will get the grease and he plans on squeeking away.

Miss. Supervisor did suggest we go up to the DHS office and review the kiddos that had been at staffing this month but we have the list of who they were and none of then seem to fit what we’re looking for.* Mostly, they’re all singletons and double sibling groups. We don’t want to have to do this more than once so we are going to stick with our goal of four for now. I thought originally they were going to beg us to take a half-dozen but (luckily) there doesn’t seem to be as many big groups out there as I thought. Lucky for the kids, unlucky for us.


*We will obviously go just to give us something to do to feel like we aren’t sitting stagnant but our expectations will be nothing like last time.


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