Modesty- Part 2


So last time I jumped up on this high horse I was addressing the people dressing immodestly. Today we are going to focus on the parents of the immodest. You know who you are, I see you walking around Abercrombie like your kid’s muffin top doesn’t stink. Well it does! And further, you stink for letting your 11-year-old prance around town with her butt crack hanging out. If a perfect stranger doesn’t want to look at it, why would you?!

I am the first to admit that I am judging parents before I am one. I’ll give you that. I know there are millions of things you say you will or will not do/be before you actually have kids then you end up doing/being exactly the opposite. Do I want to say I won’t give my kids candy as a bribe? Of course. Do I know the likelihood of me stuffing a Blow Pop in their mouth to get them to shut up long enough that I can enjoy Christmas Eve service is about 95% probable? Yup. However, I think every parent has the ability to stick to their guns when it is something they are non-negotiable with. This would be one of those things for me.


So lets address why on earth you allow your children to look this way, shall we?

  • Do not blame the clothing company for this. I am a 3X woman in love with rainbow leggings and light-up sneakers so don’t talk to me about clothing companies not selling what you want in your size. Every last thing I want to wear is in the 6-7 year old section but we don’t always get what we want, do we? Put out some effort and shop until your kids are cute AND covered.
  • If you think you can blame it on the clothes ‘not fitting’, keep track of the kids growing! Haven’t we all seen a kid in jeans about 3 inches too short because mama didn’t realize they hit a growth spurt last month? Of course, but ankles are different than belly buttons, lets be real. If the clothes don’t fit, don’t allow them to wear them.
  • Do not blame your tight budget for this.  You cannot tell me the clothes that are appropriate are more expensive. In fact, you’re probably paying more for the holes in the thighs of jeans and the rhinestone-bedazzled low-cut tops. You wanna wear that top? Be my guest you child-o-mine, but guarantee I better see an undershirt peeking out the top.  I had a friend in high school who was a cute, tall, thin girl and always wore little v-neck t-shirts under her tank tops. I always thought it was cute so I started doing it to. I found out later that she wasn’t allowed to wear sleeveless tops in public but did anyone know that by looking at her? No! She just had a cute way of layering. IT CAN BE DONE Y’ALL.
  • imagesBoys are not exempt! You have GOT to be kidding me about seeing underwear in public. Or home. Or anywhere! I am baffled by this because I would think that the possibility of my child’s pants falling down would not be something I want to continually worry about. Luckily, people are starting to stand up against this one and I’m so glad! Read about a Dallas McDonalds owner who will not take it anymore. Also, I love a nice skinny jean and oversized sweater but why on earth would you buy jeggings for your son?! If I can see the outline of anything, we need to look into bigger pants (and that is not just because I was raised in the JNCO jeans era).
  • Schools need to stand up if parents won’t. It is not enough that schools are cracking down on tank tops, they need to go farther. At a local middle school (where two of the teenagers attend) the rule is that a girl’s tank top strap has to be three finger widths wide. Okay, so three tiny fingers is about two inches but there is no rule about how low in the back it can go or how low in the front it goes as long as you can’t see her bra, not that one of those is required either. What about shorts? In my high school days the rule was six inches from the ground no matter how tall you were.  Did that suck for some girls? Sure. Do I feel bad for them? No. Nowadays, they only have to come to your fingertips. Parents, STOP BUYING YOUR DAUGHTER SHORTY SHORTS! P.S. It may surprise you that I am against school uniforms but I am. More on that in the future.

So there you have it, all the rant I can come up with for the moment. I’m sure by now I sound like a loon that wants everyone to wear floor-length skirts and collared shirts. I assure you I am not, I just think the world could use a little modesty and I think starting with teaching our kids to respect themselves is a great place to start. Lets teach young people that their beauty comes from within and that showing themselves isn’t the right way to get attention.

I stumbled upon something a couple years ago that really makes me happy. There is a Christian-based organization called Secret Keeper Girl that tours the country doing retreats for parents and daughters. It really is an adorable company. Secret Keepers has a program called Modesty Project that specifically talks about modesty in both dress and life. It is a biblically-based project and really provides insight into why you should be asking your child to live a modest life. You better believe as soon as I have a daughter, we are signing up (they will be in Tulsa around Valentines Day this year so I don’t think we’ll make that one).





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