I’m Back!


Been quiet, huh? Yup. Had the best Christmas break ever and now we are back to reality. Man… I HATE reality. Work, bills, responsibility, it all sucks. Have I mentioned we do Christmas big? Its a several week affair and we aren’t even done! We still have one Christmas to go but we are back to work anyway.

Smith Christmas

Husbando’s Dad (front and center) comes from a big family. We all went to Blue Ridge, Texas for a family gathering and had a delicious dinner together. We don’t see the family all that often so it is good to continue to get to know them. They are some wonderful people with seriously big hearts.891672_10153620676945220_1268457998_o

Teenager Christmas

Every year we go to Rhema Bible College for a little stroll through the lights followed by dinner and family time. It was bittersweet since it is the first year ever we were not all together. The two oldest teenagers were not with us but we know they grow up so fast and have their own lives. Look at me sounding like a grandma! I remember having to practically carry the littlest one the first time we went so we will go as long as we all can. The lights were followed by pizza and a Fast & Furious movie. 1487454_10153641763860220_600937530_n

Secret Santa

My favorite time of the year at work is when we draw names and buy for each other! This year my Secret Santa was Gordon and he bought me all my favorites. The last day he surprised me with an OSU gnome and mug. He was right on!


Our Christmas

In the future this will be ‘Our Family Christmas’.  Since this is the first real Christmas in our house (we moved in Christmas Eve last year), we got to put out our decorations and even our new tree that has been in the box since I got it on clearance last year. Husbando and I went on a wonderful Christmas date to a Brazilian Steakhouse then drove around looking at Christmas lights. We went home, put on our jammies and exchanged gifts. We have the most ridiculously big stockings and I love it!


1512573_10153638550050220_319502192_nChristmas with Madre

We had SO much fun with mom and the rest of our family. We opened our Christmas jammies, took family photos, saw Christmas through the eyes of a two year old and overall had a magical weekend. Schnookie and I made a trip to a grocery store in a sketchy area and cleaned up on some Diet Dr. Pepper, pepperoni, and corn muffin mix. We cannot be trusted.
1472804_10153651854275220_1229881732_nChristmas with Nannykins and Papakins

Every time Papa has a good day we are all grateful. Christmas Eve he was laughing and talking and even joking and dancing. He doesn’t really do any of that anymore so that was the best gift of the week. We had ham and scalloped potatoes, opened gifts, visited, and played with Nephy-Niece until we were all exhausted. Did you know an average male toddler his age weighs 32 pounds? He weighs 47. Gonna be Auntie’s linebacker!

1393547_10153655321780220_1103415118_nChristmas in Texas

Husbando’s family Christmas highlights include pancakes for breakfast, opening gifts by age order and playing games together. Our time at the lake is some of my favorite. There is just something about being by the water. Husbando’s Uncle and his wife were visiting from Arizona so it was nice to have extra company (and someone to take the family pictures).
1515046_10153688256705220_1273691414_nArmed Forces Bowl

Since our third anniversary was approaching I decided to give Husbando tickets to the Armed Forces Bowl as an early gift. Tradition says third year is leather and footballs are leather so there ya go, football game tickets. To be honest a Bowl Game was on my bucket list and I am excited to check it off. The game was at TCU in their newly renovated stadium and man is it nice! Husbando’s dad came with us and we all had so much fun!

960109_10101496400673226_1433243425_nNew Years Eve

We’ve never had a New Years Eve party before but we sure did enjoy this one! We got home and threw it together pretty fast. Nine friends and teenagers  came over for a good time! We had snacks, breakfast for dinner, margaritas, card games, shenanigans, football and the teenagers stayed for a slumber party. This may become a thing!


Our wedding anniversary is New Years Day and we can’t believe its been three years! We went to see The Hobbit (because I am an awesome wife) and then to dinner at Carrabba’s. Yummy!! Afterwards we exchanged gifts and watched the Fiesta Bowl. Since I was going for leather still Husbando got a leather belt, leather driving gloves and a wool hat. He gave me a beautiful jade (also third year anniversary tradition) necklace.

1532140_10153686152620220_885156565_nSo there you have it, one awesome winter break. I’m spoiled now and don’t know if I could work somewhere that isn’t closed for almost two weeks. I have just too much fun to fit in less than that! We are so lucky to have friends and family that love for us to visit and we are so blessed for all the wonderful gifts we were given.

Not to be a Debbie Downer but we did notice the lack of kiddos in our Christmas this year. We counted it as a blessing to have one last ‘grown-up’ Christmas where R-rated DVD’s were acceptable and 4am Santa wake-ups were not a worry but next year we will *fingers crossed* have some kiddos to share all the fun with.


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